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Slow Food News

Analysis on Production of Cured Pork Products

Wednesday, 17th November 2021. We are pleased to invite you to read Slow Food's new research study "European Quality Schemes, Between Identity-Shaping Values and the Market", by Chiara Palandri, Raffaella Ponzio, and Piero Sardo The study is an analysis of the production specifications for 176 cured pork products registered under one of the European Union's quality schemes, it fits in perfectly with the theme of this year's Cheese, "Consider the Animals.


Paris Agreement
Saturday, 13th November 2021 - COP26 ends with global agreement to accelerate action on climate this decade. - Two weeks of intense negotiations finally complete the Paris Rulebook. - For the first time COP agrees position on phasing down unabated coal power. - The Glasgow Climate Pact caps two years of diplomacy and ambition raising.

Slow Food: COP26 Addresses Agriculture but Focusses on Bad Solutions

Saturday, 7th November 2021- In order to meet climate neutrality by 2050, COP26 should pave the way for the transition towards agroecological food systems, where evidence shows that they keep carbon in the ground, support biodiversity, rebuild soil fertility and sustain yields over time, providing a basis for secure farm livelihoods and healthy diets for all. 

It’s time for COP26!

Tuesday, 2nd November 2021.- Get involved! For over 3 decades, participating countries have come together to work towards reaching an agreement on how to tackle climate change. What makes the COP26 even more important is that we are now in a situation of extreme climate and environmental urgency, and we can no longer wait to act.

Slow Food at COP26

Friday 29th October 2021.- “Agroecology, climate neutrality, social justice. These are the keywords which summarize Slow Food requests for COP26,” adds Messa. “Industrial food systems contribute to up to a third of global emissions. Slow Food asks food and agriculture to be given the prominence they deserve in the final agreement of COP26.

Biodiversity is our Future

Protecting biodiversity
Saturday 16th October, 2021.- Slow Food demands a roadmap that includes ambitious targets and takes into consideration the role of those people who have been protecting their local nature since time immemorial.