South Coast Producer Grant

South Coast Small Producers Grant

Slow Food believes we need a better food system in our local communities and across Australia. That’s why we promote good, clean, and fair food for everyone.

Good:   quality, flavoursome, and healthy food

Clean:  produced without harming the environment

Fair:     good conditions and pay for (small scale) producers and at affordable prices.

This grant will actively support efforts that help improve our local food system.


• Financial help is available with a total pool of $8000. Applicants may apply for any amount up to this limit. Applicants are encouraged to be realistic in their summations when applying for funding.

• The Slow Food Small Producers Grant is a Matching Fund, meaning that for successful applicant(s), Slow Food South Coast will match funding dollar-for-dollar up to an amount of $8000. In other words, should an applicant be

requesting support to purchase a piece of equipment worth $3000, Slow Food

would provide $1500 towards that equipment with the applicant putting up the equivalent amount.

• Money granted can be used anyway the applicant feels is most beneficial to achieve their goals (for example purchase of machines/materials, attend courses, etc) as long as their efforts are in line with the Slow Food philosophy of Good, Clean, Fair, and beneficial to creating a better food system in our area.

• There is no age limit; applications are open to all small-scale producers on the South Coast, (from St Georges Basin to Bodalla along the coast, and inland to Braidwood) provided they are in keeping with the Good, Clean, and Fair Slow Food principles. An on-site visit will be part of the selection process.

• Applicants will be required to demonstrate that their business is their primary form of income and that they have secured the long-term viability of their business (i.e. business plan, revenues, ownership, long-term lease of land). Applicants agree that if due to unforeseen circumstances they have to terminate their business within one year of receiving all or part of their grant – they will notify Slow Food South Coast immediately, and that – depending on the circumstances – (parts of) the money (or goods purchased) will have to be paid back/returned to Slow Food South Coast.

• There is no set number of successful applicants. Slow Food South Coast committee reserve the right to select as few or as many successful applications as they see fit. They also reserve the right to not select any if none are deemed worthy, in which case the funds will be carried over to the following year.

• Funding will not be granted retrospectively i.e. applications for activities that are completed prior to the completion of the assessment process will not be considered.

• Applicants are required to submit an application on or before the due date, using the application form and any necessary support material as well as a CV or brief note about their producer’s experiences.

• Successful applicants will be notified in writing and funds will be forwarded from Slow Food South Coast. In the case of specific allocations of funds (i.e. purchase of equipment), quotes and invoices will need to be submitted to us.

• Successful applicants agree to the use of their work/information for promotional purposes by Slow Food South Coast as agreed upon with the committee.

• At the end of the year, successful applicants must submit an evaluation report on how the grant has worked (or not worked) for them so that Slow Food can ensure all future grants address the needs of those applying. They are also required to share their obtained experiences and learnings with the Slow Food South Coast community.

Application Process

For more information:

Liz Gee, Slow Food South Coast Committee

Phone 0428 564 770

Linda Hatch, Slow Food South Coast member

Phone 0490 356 315

Marianne Cool, Slow Food South Coast member

Phone 0427 644 959

Photo by Zeynep Sumer on Unsplash