Food Security in Australia

Cosmos, 4 February 2022.- Jamie Priest wrote this article for Cosmos, an Australian science online magazine. On it, she collected research and interviews on how climate change and other factors are affecting the country’s food security. For example, it highlights the fragile situation of remote locations in central Australia where finding fresh food is difficult as well as expensive.

One of the paragraphs highlighted that “a paper prepared by the Australian Institute of Family Studies estimates that up to 13% of the general population are food insecure, and identified low-income earners, people who are socially or geographically isolated, culturally and linguistically diverse groups, single-parent households, older people and people experiencing homelessness as those most vulnerable”.

Priest also reminds us, in the article, of an interview with Professor Tim Cavagnaro from the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide. In it, the professor noted: “that up to 95% of residential blocks would need to devote less than a quarter of their lawn space to agriculture to become self-sufficient.”

If you want to read the article, you can do it here.

Picture by Kampus Production on Pixels