Wattle Seed Harvest and Bushfood Lunch

Beverley, WA12 Dec 2021

This year’s Terra Madre Day edition is a little different…

The collaboration between the Noongar Land Enterprise Group (NLE) and Slow Food Swan Valley continues, this time we will be celebrating the end of the year by joining forces and assisting with the 2021 Wattle Seed Harvest followed by a Bushfood lunch provided by Slow Food.

We’re also pleased to share with you that all the profits made at our earlier in the year event WA Bees for Food Security will be kindly donated to the NLE Group by Slow Food, in order to support NLE in current and future projects.

NLE and Slow Food invite you to join us for a day where you can learn more about the fabulous little Wattle Seed, participate in the harvesting and celebrate the year with a bushfood lunch.

The event and lunch are provided for free.

Where: Avondale Park – Lot 6608, Great Southern Highway, Beverley.

For more information, please visit Swan Valley & Eastern Region Slow Food