It’s time for COP26!

For over 3 decades, participating countries have come together to work towards reaching an agreement on how to tackle climate change. What makes the COP26 even more important is that we are now in a situation of extreme climate and environmental urgency, and we can no longer wait to act.

The latest research confirms that around a third of all global emissions can be traced back to the food system. We are not talking about just any food system, but the industrial, polluting agri-food system that has been prevalent in our societies since WWII.

Slow Food believes that one way to fight and prevent climate change is to move away from industrial agriculture and towards diversified agroecological food systems.

In short, we demand:

Attending the COP?

You can view the full calendar of COP26 events, here.

To join the COP virtually, subscribe to the COP26 YouTube channel.

Some Twitter accounts to follow during COP26:

@SlowFoodHQ @COP26 @AlokSharma_RDG @TimmermansEU

@LFFriedman @Politico @E_Krukowska @EURACTIV

If Covid-19 has proved anything, it is that humanity is capable of immediate, decisive, and collective action in an emergency: the question now is how do we make the world’s political and corporate leaders understand that the climate crisis is an even greater emergency?

Our only hope is to unite our voices

and demand this radical change together. 

They are giants, but we are millions.