Milton Eggs at Veggie Club Slow Food NSW

Milton Eggs at Veggie Club

Milton, NSW8 Dec 2021

Ethically raised, locally grown, and family owned and operated are the three principles closest to the heart of Josh and Kelly Stuart of Milton Farm, 464 Croobyar Road, Milton.

Their truly free range chickens graze all day on the lush pastures of the 170 acre property before being tucked up for the night in their chicken caravans watched over by two faithful Maremma sheep dogs.

These really are the happiest and healthiest looking chickens you will ever meet.

Josh will take us down to the chicken paddock and talk us through the farm philosophy and what it takes to produce these delicious eggs. We¹ll then move on to the grading sheds where we can get some hands on experience boxing and stamping eggs to take home.