Randal Organic

“Meet the Farmer — Randall Organic Rice”

Canberra - an online event27 Oct 2021

Years ago, Peter Randall became concerned about the high amounts of chemical pesticides and insecticides being used for conventional rice growing, and the deaths from cancer of too many people in the area including a close friend.

He set out to grow rice using organic farming methods. It’s paying off now, with both good crops and healthy ecology, but it’s taken years and not been easy.

In 2017 he was a winner in the delicious. Produce Awards, which, in partnership with Miele, are a celebration of Australia’s magnificent bounty of ethical, sustainable, and innovative ingredients, and the passionate, talented people behind them.

Hear about Peter’s journey dealing with the vagaries of farming, legislative barriers, and the good times as he has walked the path of organic farming for the past 32 years.

​Join us for this Zoom seminar to Meet the Farmer and learn about a vertically integrated property, the impact of climate change, and insight into how he is helping to change farming methods in Vietnam, and the implementation of a renewable and permacultural agricultural system.

For more information, please visit Slow Food Canberra