Masterclass: Gnocchi with Rosa Matto

Adelaide, SA25 Sep 2021

On 25th September, 2021 Slow Food South Australian combined local ingredients such as La Casa Del Formaggio, Paris Creek BD Farm, Kangaroo Island Eggs, Murray River Salt, and SA extra virgin olive oil products plus ingredients grown in backyards such as herbs, pumpkin and potatoes, to explore the traditional art of all things gnocchi  presented by chef & slow food member Rosa Matto.

Rosa and her assistants, Gina dal Santo and Lisa Luvera demonstrated not one, not two, but five different types of gnocchi. Slow Food Chef’s Alliance Ben Sharp and patron Cheong Liew plated and served each dish. Rosa began by explaining how gnocchi can vary depending on the Italian region they originated from and what ingredients were accessible at the time. Some are more traditional, and others have been adapted in more recent times.

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