From animal welfare to land grabbing, Slow Food is active and vocal on current issues affecting our food system around the globe.

GMOs: Slow Food is against the commercial planting of genetically modified crops and works to promote GM-free food and animal feed. Slow Food Australia supports Steve Marsh in his GM contamination case against Monsanto.
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Land Grabbing: In 2010 Slow Food launched a global awareness campaign to stop land grabbing. We also work with farmers whose land is often in the spotlight of the speculative interest of the new colonialists, such as the Presidia producers and the Thousand Gardens in Africa communities.
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Slow Fish: What began as one of our main international events, has transformed into a global campaign that promotes small-scale fishing and responsible fish consumption. The campaign invites consumers, chefs, academics and fishers to find local solutions that support better management of the sea’s resources – like choosing neglected species.
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Slow Cheese: Slow Food has long supported the rights of small-scale producers around the world to produce traditional and raw milk cheese and dairy products. The growth of industrial cheese production and over-zealous hygiene laws in many countries mean it is all the more important to protect the diversity of cheeses, animal breeds, skills and ancient knowledge.
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Slow Meat: We support eating less meat of better quality, from ethical producers who ensure animal welfare. The Slow Meat event, held in the U.S., brings together producers, butchers, leaders and eaters to address the problem of industrial animal husbandry and to celebrate the alternatives. Three Australian producers attended in June 2015.
Slow Food Mildura’s Slow Pig event is an annual community workshop in traditional sausage making, and using the whole animal.
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Find out about all of Slow Food’s international campaigns here.