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Welcome to Slow Food Australia. We are all about Good, Clean and Fair Food for all. As members of the global grassroots Slow Food network, we believe we can all play a part in fixing our broken food system and help protect our food biodiversity. By understanding where our food comes from, how and by whom it was produced and whether the price we pay for it is fair, even our small everyday decisions can make a difference. If you care about supporting local Australian farmers, fishermen, protecting our food sovereignty and learning more about eating tasty, seasonal, fresh and wholesome food, Slow Food Australia may be the organisation you have been looking for. We hope you will join us!

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The third edition of Vini, Birre, Ribelli (Rebel Wines & Beers), held in Brussels from November [...]

The gardens grown in ten schools in villages around Kobane are more than just plots of land: they ar [...]

Women working long hours for as little as $2.50 a day with no healthcare or pension. Children as you [...]

On a warm, sunny weekend in mid-November, the fourth Şile Seed Exchange Festival drew city dwellers [...]

Carlo Petrini reports directly from Havana, where Cuba's former President Fidel Castro died at [...]

OCTOBER looks set to be a busy month for Trecorras Farm, producers of premium British kid goat meat. [...]

Villa Sandi is Family owned – how does that change the way it is produced? A family is the outcome o [...]

BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme Wins at the Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards 2016 for Dan [...]

One of the oldest cheeses in Europe can’t use its own name How would you like it if one day someone [...]

The Ark of Taste is very close to reaching 2,900 products, and we have good reason to think that it [...]

The 2016 Australian Slow Food Conference held in Mildura November 17 to 20 was a huge success! We ha [...]

The inaugural Australian Terra Madre event to be held in Mildura on 19 November will feature a speak [...]

In addition to a spectacular menu featuring the best of local Sunraysia produce, guests at the Slow [...]

One of community group Slow Food Mildura’s principal activities is fundraising to support school kit [...]

It’s olive time! Come join us and have fun harvesting olives. When: Sunday 8 May 2016 (Mother’s Day) [...]

There is a small group of Slow Food Saddleback members travelling to Mildura for the National Confer [...]

Sunday 16 October I was recently given the opportunity to observe the humane killing of a farm anima [...]

On Sunday October 9th, Vicki and Celia set up shop to promote this wonderful local Seaweed product. [...]

On Sunday 16th October, thirty Slow Food Saddleback members and friends were treated to an amazing d [...]

On Thursday October 8th a small group of members met for the first of hopefully more breakfast meeti [...]

Huge scholarship opportunity for a young Tasmanian chef! Slow Food Hobart in association with TasTaf [...]

Some encouraging feedback and thoughts from Gav Williams on our local food scene. As a passionate lo [...]

Find out what’s happening in Slow Food in Hobart. [...]

Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization with supporters in 150 countries around the world who [...]