National Conference set to dazzle

Dinners set to dazzle for Slow Food national conference

Local chefs Jim McDougall and Stefano de Pieri will treat visitors and locals to two stunning dinners as part of Slow Food’s national conference and inaugural Terra Madre event in November.

Slow Salt will be prepared by Stefano on the spectacular Murray River Salt harvest site at Mourquong. “We hosted the first Slow Food conference here in Mildura in 2002,” Stefano said. “Not many people know that, but we had two coaches come here, one from Melbourne and one from Sydney, and we ate a beautiful meal I prepared on the salt pan at Mourquong.”

“The first thing we were certain of when we decided last year to host the 2016 conference was that we had to have another salt dinner,” Brad Fyfe, Co-Leader of Slow Food Mildura, said. “Stefano has been working with us to design a menu that will showcase good, clean, fair foods from our region, and in a setting like the salt pan who won’t be impressed.”

Jane Schmidt, Marketing Manager of Murray River Salt, said “We’re really excited to be part of this important event for our region and to have the opportunity to talk about what we do. Slow Food Mildura have promoted our product and our philosophy for a long time and our partnership is really valuable. Our story of improving the environment and creating a unique product in the process is one we love sharing.”

Jim McDougall has designed a menu around indigenous produce for Friday night’s Slow River dinner at The Setts. Mr McDougall said “Some of the garnishes and accompaniments for dinner will be foraged during the day from locations around Sunraysia by conference delegates and Slow Food youth movement volunteers.” Although reluctant to give too much away, Mr McDougall added “There will be things like saltbush and samphire, which Slow Food Mildura use a lot of and their flavours go so well with local meats like the Murray Cod and mutton. I want to create something that really tastes of this place.”

“Tickets for both dinners can be purchased separately to the conference package,” Mr Fyfe said, “but we really encourage people to get more involved. Especially on Saturday with the Terra Madre event, which is free and open to everyone. People can find out more about it and buy tickets on the Slow Food Mildura web site.”


Photo opportunity: Monday 31 October at 9 am Stefano de Pieri, Jane Schmidt, Deb Bogenhuber and Rachel Kendrigan (Slow Food Mildura) and Domenico de Clario will be doing a site inspection at Mourquong salt pan

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