Galloway cattle

Galloways are a landrace breed originating in southwest Scotland and are said to be one of or the oldest, purest cattle breeds. In Australia, since 1999, a mere 650 pure-bred Galloways, predominantly females, have been registered, and the Rare Breeds Trust Australia recognizes this variety as a rare breed in Australia.

Galloway cattle are mid-sized cattle bred for their tender, well-marbled meat which has a fine texture, flavour and juiciness. has been written about for many centuries. They were traditionally long-lived, hill cattle that developed in a harsh environment of wind, cold, coarse grasses and little lush pasture.

Galloway meat is high in protein, minerals and anti-oxidants, while low in cholesterol and saturated fat, and has an exceptionally good Omega 6:3 ratio. Currently, Galloway meat is available mainly at farmers’ markets and from some specialty butchers’ shops.

The Galloway, like all rare breeds of cattle is under severe threat of extinction by the global push to standardise on “black cattle”. Cattle with different characteristics, like Galloways, receive a severely reduced price at market, resulting in fewer people breeding this variety and a shrinking gene pool.

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