About Us

The future of our food begins with our daily food choices.  

Slow Food Australia is part of a global, grassroots network of over 100,000 members in more than 150 countries. Through our volunteer network of 'convivia' (regional communities), we work on preserving food biodiversity by linking the pleasures of good food with a commitment to protecting our local foods and food traditions, and our environment.

Our philosophy is for everyone to have access to Good, Clean and Fair Food. 

  • Good: 0ur food should be tasty, seasonal, fresh, wholesome, linked to our local culture and seasons
  • Clean: our food should nourish a healthy lifestyle and be produced in ways that preserve biodiversity, without causing harm to our environment, animals or people
  • Fair: our food should be affordable while respecting fair conditions and pay for our producers
  • For all: Good, Clean and Fair food should be accessible to all, celebrating the diverse cultures, traditions and nations that reside in Australia. 

If you care about supporting our local Aussie farmers, growers and fishermen; are concerned about animal welfare, protecting the environment, GMOs, or food labelling and believe it is important to have food that nourishes our bodies and respects our food culture – then we’d love to invite you to join our movement!